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Cash In With This Social Media Giant’s
Biggest Update Ever

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t “do” small.

Facebook is the world’s largest social network … over 1.71 billion active global users.

When FB got into video, it quickly shot past YouTube in terms of views … over 8 billion video views PER DAY.

When it launched its LIVE streaming service, it became a serious threat to the competition.

Between Messenger and WhatsApp, FB now controls 79% of the instant messaging market.

All That’s NOTHING Compared To
FB’s LATEST Platform

FB is way more than a social hangout. It’s literally out to dominate the internet. And guess what? It’s doing it.

Just over a year ago, FB passed GOOGLE as the #1 referring traffic source to news sites.


News sites.

That’s AUTHORITY traffic. And FB is controlling it.

How To Get YOUR Slice Of The
Unlimited FB Traffic Pie

There are plenty of ways to get traffic from FB. You can pay for it, like millions of others, and put up with the constant increase in ad costs.

You can play the “trial and error” game if you’ve got an unlimited budget and hours of free time every day. Or, you can play it smart.

Smart marketers who got in early when FB went after the video market made a killing.

Early adopters of Live have been cashing in since day one.

Now that FB is putting everything into its latest platform, people that leverage it the right way are going to be printing money. What’s FB’s latest?

It’s Called Instant Articles - And It’s Going To
Change The Way You Drive Traffic FOREVER

Hi this is Sam Bakker with exciting and VERY time sensitive news for you.

Long before I got into software development, I built a business managing social media for businesses and independent marketers.

My paycheck was based on results. I HAD to get traffic for my clients, and I soon learned that FB was the best way to do it.

So I’ve made it my business to stay ahead of the curve on every one of FB’s updates. Which has made me and my clients profitable for years.

But in all my years of marketing on Facebook, I’ve never seen it launch a platform with so much potential for profit.

VIRAL Content Fuels The Web - And FB
Just Became The BIGGEST Supplier

Facebook’s been putting its money into mobile for a long time.
Now it wants to make the web a BETTER experience for all mobile users.

Here’s what this means for you …

Know why your sites and offers are leaking traffic?
Anytime someone on mobile clicks a link to your stuff and it doesn’t load instantly, you lose. Studies show for every 1 second delay in load time, conversions decrease up to 7%.

FB is out to solve that problem FOR YOU, with its latest platform called Instant Articles.

In a nutshell, it’s a distribution platform. Allowing marketers to share their content as native media within FB’s mobile and messenger apps.

Instant Articles were built to solve specific
problem-slow loading times on the mobile
web and load up to 10X faster than mobile web articles.

Improved User Experience = More Money In YOUR Pocket

Instant Articles PLUGS The Traffic Leak!

With Instant Articles:

fast-listYour content loads 10 X FASTER than standard web articles...

fast-listViewers are 70% LESS likely to stop reading your content...

fast-list20% more Instant Articles are read on average...

fast-listInstant Articles are shared 30% MORE often than mobile web articles...

Next Generation Content Delivery For Real World Profits

Facebook wants to improve the mobile web experience for everyone. With Instant Articles, it’s doing it with interactive elements that people can’t resist.

The platform practically FORCES users to engage. Here’s what Shezad Morani, the creative director for, had to say about Instant Articles:

“This is a living page. This is a living, breathing article 
that is just beyond words.”

The World’s FRIENDLIEST Mobile Content Delivery
Platform Explodes Your Reach & Engagement

Imagine posting on FB with a link to your content, and mobile users EVERYWHERE can instantly access your stuff.

No waiting, no delays… Just straight to the goods.

Share your latest blog post. Update. Offer or product review.

And get an INSTANT increase in views & engagement. That’s what FBs Instant Articles delivers. WITHOUT investing in paid ads.
It gets even better…

Instant Articles Keeps YOUR Followers
EXACTLY Where They Want To Be!

On Facebook! Another reason people DON’T click links on FB posts is that they just don’t want to leave FB.

Now, they don’t have to. Your audience can absorb all of your content, even take action on your offers, without leaving the platform it’s so addicted to.

This is a HUGE win. Because with more action on your posts, your organic reach goes thru the roof, which leads to MORE free traffic and viral shares.

Some Companies That Have Adopted
Instant Articles Since Launch:

Every one of these businesses is using Instant Articles to boost traffic.

In Beta Testing, Instant Articles Have Been Getting 20%
MORE Clicks Than Standard Mobile Web Articles:

The Hootsuite Case Study: MIND BLOWING Results

Hootsuite is the most widely used platform for managing social media. It’s THE authority when it comes to social traffic.

In June of 2016, it published a post covering it’s “experiment” with Instant Articles. It took a blog post that it had shared to FB 3 months earlier, then re-posted as an Instant Article. The results:

Bottom Line? This NEW Platform SKYROCKETS
Reach, Viral Traffic And Clicks...

When you consider close to 60% of all internet traffic is mobile, it just makes sense to maximize that traffic.

FB’s latest does exactly that by providing the most ENGAGING delivery system to mobile users.

With a mobile base of over 1.57 BILLION active users, your content can now go viral faster and easier than EVER before.

YOUR Content, Optimized For Mobile By Facebook

This is content marketing like you’ve never seen before.

Why? Facebook’s running the show now.

It’s made it easier and more profitable for publishers, and WAY more enjoyable for users.

Just like with anything else FB touches, it’s gone and made a solid platform better. And with it’s access to 1.71 billion users and complete support, Instant Articles is every marketer’s new best friend.

But FB Made One MASSIVE Mistake

It made its new platform practically impossible for new users to use. I’m a software developer and couldn’t
figure it out on my own. Here are just SOME of the things you’ll need to get Instant Articles to work for you:

  • Website or blog – you’ll need a web url to
    make your articles work…

  • Access to your site’s HTML code, including
    verification of site ownership…

  • Facebook Page

  • 3rd party plugins, ‘technical know-how’ and
    ‘development expertise’

  • Design Skills

  • Pages Manager App

In short, this new platform is one of the most difficult-to-use features FB
has ever released. Without a developer, it’s pretty much impossible.

Consider what Hootsuite had to say in its
blog post from June of this year:

“Setup requires some technical expertise… the setup requires a bit of technical know-how. We got our development team to handle setup… Getting our dev team involved in setup was critical for us as the process required access to the backend of the website and some coding expertise…

The resources can be very technical. We found that the available resources were geared towards individuals with a deeper knowledge of technical requirements (and maybe a bit of dev experience as well).”

Even Worse: You Can’t Just “Direct Post” To The Platform

With Facebook’s Instant Articles, your content NEEDS to be published somewhere else on the web first. Like a blog or review site. Meaning?

With this limitation, you CAN’T cash in quickly by simply uploading fresh content to FB. You’ve got to have that content published somewhere else first.

A MONSTER Traffic Source But You Need A
Rocket Science Degree To Figure It Out?

xNo way! I wasn’t about to sit back and watch a potential FLOOD of the most targeted traffic online go wasted … practically impossible to access by independent marketers.

So I sat down with my development team to find the solution. A way to take what looks to be Facebook’s BIGGEST traffic platform and make it work for anyone. Regardless of background, skills or experience.

nextNext, we figured a way around Facebook’s rule for having your content on another web property first. And got approval for marketers to post DIRECTLY to Instant Articles.

After MONTHS of development, we solved the 2 biggest problems that face marketers looking to leverage Facebook’s latest platform for profit:

Introducing …

Bank Big With FREE Mobile FB Traffic In 3 Easy Steps:


"Login in to the cloud-based software"


"Create, edit & upload your article with the point & click editor"


"Watch the traffic, clicks and profits pour in!"

Our goal was simple. To create a tool that would allow ANYONE to monetize FB’s biggest
update yet, and provide it at a one-time cost 10X cheaper than the competition.

Before Release, We Had To Make Sure The Software Could:

  • Let even complete beginners leverage FB mobile traffic for profit without coding experience, tech skills or paying a single penny for ads

  • Bypass Facebook’s requirement for having articles published on another site – so users could make “quick wins” by posting immediately to Instant Articles

  • Let users incorporate MULTIPLE interactive elements to boost engagement, including video, slideshows, Pull Quotes, sidebars
    and more

That’s Exactly What We Created And Here Are
Just Some Of The Results:

Easy. Login To BoltPublisher And Start Monetizing
The Mobile Web With UNLIMITED FB Traffic...

See Just How Simple It Is - Check Out This Video Walk-
through Of The Software In Action:

This Cutting Edge Software And Training Bundle Covers It All:

  • 100% FB approved, cloud-based software takes you STRAIGHT to the traffic, cutting through ALL the hassles of configuring Instant Articles manually

  • Step-by-step video training shows you how to drive traffic to YOUR content within minutes

  • MONETIZE your mobile traffic easier than ever – link to your own offers or monetize with ads … and keep 100% of the profits from your own ads and a massive 70% from FB Audience ads

  • Save HOURS of time and THOUSANDS in developer fees with the simplest interface that exists to publish FB Instant Articles

  • Instantly CUSTOMIZE your content with interactive features including video, images, slideshows, maps, pull quotes and more

  • Explode your reach with Instagram and Twitter integrations

  • Seamlessly configure ANY FB page with the FB Instant Articles API

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The Mobile Marketing Revolution Is
Here - The Time To Act Is NOW

iphone1Very rarely does FB introduce an update that’s a win for BOTH users AND marketers. We’re looking at one of those rare times.

FB is redefining content marketing, making it more fun for users and more profitable for marketers. What we’re seeing right now is a revolution in mobile marketing.

Big brands with huge budgets and development teams are already seeing the results of this new platform.

But for most marketers, setting up Instant Articles is just too tough. Meaning there’s a MASSIVE market just waiting to be tapped into RIGHT NOW.

With BoltPublisher, you can cherry pick the best of FB’s mobile traffic and send it to your offers. Steamroll the competition, and dominate literally ANY niche you enter. All with a powerful software that removes any guesswork.

This is “early adoption” at its finest. The big brands already have the results. Now it’s YOUR turn to cash in on FB’s biggest, baddest update in recent history.

With Your Access To BoltPublisher Today:

You INSTANTLY tap into FB’s hottest mobile traffic – a base of over 1.57 BILLION active users

You enjoy an INCREASE of up to 20% more clicks and 30% more shares, so your content goes VIRAL more often

You SKIP the hassles, time and HUGE DOLLARS in development fees to set up Instant Articles on your own

You build your brand & following with the most engaged social media fans on the planet

You get an INSTANT increase in exposure to your offers and links, putting more money in your pocket

You can earn PASSIVE income in advertising revenue that makes Google Adsense dollars look like peanuts in comparison

You’ll get a huge increase in organic FB traffic and reach as your posts are clicked, engaged and acted on

Free FB Traffic And SO Much More...

Warning! Trying To Setup Instant Articles
Alone Is Almost Impossible

Hoot suite publicly posted that it needed its development team to access this traffic platform. Even as a software developer, I couldn’t do it on my own. That’s why we’ve created Bolt Publisher.

Instant Articles On Your Own:

Instant Articles Using BoltPublisher:

Scotty from Star Trek might put it like this:

The notion of setting up Instant Articles on your own is like trying to hit a bullet, with a smaller bullet, whilst wearing a blindfold, riding a horse.

BoltPublisher Has You Covered And Will Get You
To The Traffic At Warp Speed!

Early Adopters Are Going To DOMINATE Mobile Traffic With This Platform, And I Want YOU To Be One Of Them …

So I’m including the following EXCLUSIVE launch-only
bonuses when you access BoltPublisher today:

You Get It All! The Cutting Edge Software, Complete Video Training And Exclusive Launch Bonuses …

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Will BoltPublisher Work For You?

With BoltPublisher and FB’s Instant Articles platform, mobile traffic is yours
for the taking. I’m so sure of this that I’ll absolutely guarantee it.

100% Money Back Guarantee

guaranteeGrab BoltPublisher along with the training and bonuses, and take it for a spin for the next 30 days, completely risk-free.

We guarantee that when you follow the training and use the software, you’ll start seeing an immediate increase in mobile FB traffic, clicks and engagement.

We further guarantee that you won’t find a simpler or easier way to get free traffic with Instant Articles without paying MUCH more for software's that deliver considerably less.

If at ANY point you have a technical issue, just contact our support team and we’ll work with you personally to solve any problem in record time.

The software’s been tested by hard-core social media marketers for months and has been proven to back up every claim made on this page.

But if in the highly unlikely event you’re not thrilled with the results you get, just ask for a refund. We’ll send your low one-time fee back immediately.

So invest today with 100% confidence, knowing your investment is completely covered and you have nothing to risk.

Yes Sam, I Want To Maximize My Mobile Traffic WITHOUT
Paying For Ads
… So Give Me Risk-Free Access Now!

EVERY Business And Independent Marketer
NEEDS Traffic … And BoltPublisher Delivers!

eCom Vendors: see a practically INSTANT increase in store visits, clicks on affiliate links and sales.

Social Media Marketers: build your following and audience faster than ever by exploiting the viral nature of Instant Articles.

Bloggers / Content Marketers: there’s never been an easier, faster way to get your content seen and absorbed by your audience! Connect your site and you can literally duplicate your ENTIRE blog as Instant Articles using the software.

Local Businesses: drive traffic to your pages, products and services effortlessly; build your brand and loyalty; expand your audience and customer base WITHOUT relying on paid advertising.

Freelancers: set your own prices by delivering qualified, targeted mobile traffic to your clients.

Affiliate Marketers: publish review-style articles that are proven to “get the click” and drastically increase your commissions.

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Content Fuels The Web … But Traffic Drives Profits

Get It ALL With Bolt Publisher!

Thanks for checking out this page. It’s our sincere hope to help you take maximum advantage of the mobile marketing revolution with BoltPublisher.


P.S. In this rare case, I actually DO want to rush you. Because this is one of those time-sensitive opportunities that rarely come along. Get in early with this new platform, and you’ll be in control of mobile traffic and driving profits easier than ever before.

P.P.S. You’ll be seeing more and more Instant Articles dominating FB mobile and Messenger in the coming weeks. You can choose to be the one profiting from them, or stuck wondering why you missed out. With our 100% risk-free guarantee, you have nothing to lose when you act today. You know what to do.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions:

  • q-iconHow do FB Instant Articles increase my mobile traffic?

    The platform is essentially a content delivery service for mobile users, on steroids. Your content loads LIGHTNING fast, which means it gets seen and absorbed by more people. It uses the same technology FB uses to display photos & video so load time is almost instantaneous. Because of all this, reach, clicks, shares and engagement go through the roof.

  • q-iconWhy do I need BoltPublisher to use Instant Articles?

    Without the software, you’d need either a developer or extensive coding experience to configure Instant Articles yourself. It’s the toughest platform for publishers that FB has ever introduced. BoltPublisher cuts thru all the red tape and puts you in front of the traffic right away.

  • q-iconWhat else will I need to drive mobile traffic from Instant Articles?

    Simply a Facebook page, and if you don’t have one yet, we’ve included a bonus showing exactly how to set them up.

    If you want to automatically upload blog posts as Instant Articles, you’ll also need to have your website authorized by FB, but we show you how in the training.

  • q-iconDo my articles need to be published on a blog or external website for this to work?

    Without BoltPublisher, yes – it’s a requirement for this new platform. But with BoltPublisher, we’ve gotten specific approval from FB to let marketers publish DIRECT to Instant Articles, WITHOUT the need to have the content hosted on another site.

  • q-iconWill this work on my Mac?

    100% yes! This is a cloud-based software so you can access it from any device, anytime you like.